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All kind of gelato and sorbetto ready within minutes. Try once, call 031-8711222 Today ! (ONLY SURABAYA)
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Surabaya needs THE BEST GELATO.

Yeah, That’s Right !! A little History about GelatoParadise Indonesia. Our first Store opened at Surabaya on February 26, 2015. Everyday we have 30 Flavors always ready in our counter.

Our gelato and sorbetto use 100% natural ingredients, which mean NO artificial flavors and NO artificial colors.

For some of you who already knew our gelato store, please follow our Instagram to keep updating with our new flavors and special promotions. We try to innovate and to create new flavors WEEKLY to satisfy our customers.

For you who don’t know us yet, please come to our store and try our gelato. It’s located at TUNJUNGAN PLAZA 1, 5th Floor (in front of XXI theater).