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What is the difference between Gelato and Ice Cream?


What’s the difference between Gelato and ice cream? Things aren’t always clear cut because this is food so individual recipes can blur the lines between the two. But there are some basic differences to keep in mind. It comes down to 3 factors:

  1. Fat: Ice creams which are usually made with egg yolks, heavy on the cream and have a fat content compared to gelato uses more milk than cream so it doesn’t have nearly as much fat.
  2. Air: Ice creams are churned fast and hard to whip in plenty of air which is aided by the high proportion of cream in the base. This gives them a light, thin, fast-melting texture that isn’t very flavorful (those bites are a quarter to a half air). Gelato is churned at a much slower speed which introduces less air into the base-think whipping cream by hand instead of with a stand mixer. That’s why it tastes more dense than ice cream.
  3. Temperature: So if gelato has less fat than ice cream and less air pumped into it, why is it not as hard as a brick? How does it get that super soft, almost elastic texture that looks like a swirl of frosting more than a scoop of ice cream? It’s the last factor: temperature. Ice cream is best served at around -12°C, gelato cases are set to a warmer temperature. If you freeze gelato really cold, it’ll turn right into the dense, relatively low-fat brick it has potential to be. But when warm, it’s that perfect soft but not soupy consistency. If you stored ice cream at a much warmer temperature, it’d get too soupy: the high fat in water emulsion would melt too fast.

What is Sorbetto?

Sorbetto is all dairy free and vegan, no add milk, 100% fat free.

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